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Early Music Festival of the Pyrenees (FeMAP)


The Early Music Festival of the Pyrenees (FeMAP) will take place during July and August and will feature more than 40 concerts in many municipalities in Catalonia, France and Andorra.

Eventhalia is the official travel agent of FeMAP

Eventhalia is the official travel agent of FeMAP and we have prepared a great selection of holiday packages for the enjoyment of the festival while allowing you to discover the beautiful heritage of the Pyrenees, its culture and its people.

The packs are configured in various stay lengths, to include the attendance to one or more concerts, plus an overnight stay, a holiday weekend, or a weeklong guided bus tour of the Pyrenees.


Typical activities included in the packs are the visit to local heritage sites, gastronomic visits to cheese makers, wine producers and outdoor activities to discover the enchanted towns and villages of the impressive mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees. The packs are the perfect scape away of the city of Barcelona or Costas, either if you live there or if you are just visiting and are interested in the surrounding country.

The packages can be purchased online

The packs can be purchased online at FeMAP Online or directly by contacting us and we can arrange for group discounts or travel agents. More information about the festival can be obtained at the Official FeMAP website

Some of the concerts will be outdoor concerts and all of them in selected venues that will make the act of listening to the music a unique experience in a unique scenario.

Andorran municipalities participating in this initiative are Ordino and Andorra la Vella, while in Catalonia, beautiful venues like Altàneu, Espot, la Torre de Capdella Sort, el Pont de Suert, la Pobla de Segur, Tremp, Puigcerdà, Estamariu, Bagà, Alp, Guardiola, Berga, Avià and Beuda.

The FeMAP project was established 2011 following the union of various institutions. The FeMAP’s goal is to become a leader in Southern Europe matching renowned internationally acclaimed festivals such as the Utrecht festival in Holland or the Innsbruck festival in Austria.


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